The Lotus


STARTING WITH A BLEND OF Sugar, SEA SALTS exfoliation(35 minutes) AND ESSENTIAL OILS MASSAGED ON THE BODY leaving the skin silky smooth.  then, A hemp oil 60 minute MASSAGE on an infrared bed. Additional luxuries in this spa service include  aroma therapy with essential oils and scalp massage


Yoga & Reiki

Clear your energy effectively with Reiki and yoga combo. You will leave feeling rejuvenated and will enjoy this healing, super charged experience. Includes One hour of private yoga and 55 minutes of Reiki on an infrared table. Plus free aroma therapy with essential oils.


The Spa Deluxe

The combo of Steam (20 Minutes), massage(60 minutes) and paraffin wax will leave you feeling refreshed with the added benefits of soft skin and body detoxification. First enjoy a hemp oil total body massage (60 Minute).    You will enjoy a steam bath with added essential oils which also includes a cool stone massage and a deeply relaxing scalp massage. 

During your steam bath, you will be completely relaxed  while laying on a cushion bed. Your steam is with state of the art equipment.