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The Truth About Yoga

What is your sacred space? Your sacred space is a space where you can find yourself over and over again. The intention of the yoga studio is to create an environment where the practitioners can dive deep and experience yoga with heightened awareness and thereby go deep into their yogic journey. As you bend and stretch you will see a wonderful balance of the elements outside and the natural elements within you and that’s where you experience bliss. The practitioners from any walk of life can experience high quality, authentic yoga taught by revered masters who have lived the life of yoga teachers and have learned a lot from their various schools to spread their wonderful knowledge.

When a practitioner begins yoga they may start with a few postures which in turn make them relaxed and easygoing. But then they realize there is more to yoga than the physical practice. Yoga is meditation in which the practitioner live only in the moment and concentrating first on the body and breath and then moving deep within. If allowed, yoga will transform lives allowing the individual to lead the life they desire. The best attitude to have when approaching yoga is that it will be meditative and the physical exercise and toned body will be the by-product. We can use yoga to dive deep into our mind. Yoga deals with the science of our life which deals with the different dimensions of our personality. It is therapeutic. It is physiological. It is psychological. And it is spiritual. It is not a therapy. It is a total therapy for our life and not just our physical body.

Teachers at our studio support students of every background by helping them find greater depth, awareness, and well being in their practice and their lives through yoga. Yoga means different things to differ people. Some people practice for breath awareness, fitness, meditation, relaxation, breath awareness. In Lotus Yoga you will find a class related to the aspect of yoga that you can connect with.

No Yoga No Peace. Know Yoga know Peace.


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