Lotus Yoga & Health Spa


Salt of the earth (100 minute treatment)


Hydrating Body Wrap (50 minute treatment) $100.00



Hot Lava wrap

$80.00 or three for $230.00              

 Lotus Steam Bath


Foot Bath

$60.00 or five for 250.00


First Massage $55.00 60 minutes

First Massage $75.00 90 minutes

$67 per hour ----$97 per 90 min


All Spa therapies include the following: Infrared table, Aromatherapy  treatments and therapeutic music are included in all sessions. You will also receive a herbal tea or other beverage and a lightly scented (with essential oil) towel that will rejuvenate your skin.

we also offer two hour rate! 


Drop in $15.00

10 class pass- never expires $100.00

Private Yoga Class -Bring your family and friends with you $60.00